Course of Fire - 26th of April, 2014

The Zombie Run and Shoot is an event created by Battle Road USA. This race is not sanctioned by any other governing body. Therefore, we have made up our own rules.

This is a biathlon - not a 3 Gun Match

This event is not a 3 Gun Match, it is a biathlon. You must carry all of your own gear, weapons, ammo, water, etc…through the entire course. Any assistance received or given may result in a time penalty or disqualification. Example: a participant asks for and receives water from a Range Officer (RO). If the RO provides the water this would be a 45 minute time penalty. If a participant receives assistance from another participant then both may be penalized 45 minutes. The only exception is for medical assistance, in which case the person giving medical assistance shall not be penalized.

Shooting Stations

There will be 8 shooting stations; some stations will be rifle only and some will be pistol only. Each shooting station will have at least two RO’s. The RO’s will be timing each station with any sort of digital stopwatch they have in their possession. Times will not be split by hundredths or thousandths of a second, but rounded off to the next highest full number.


Target size will range from paper zombie heads approximately 7 inches wide and 10 inches long to 20 inch AR500 steels for long range rifle shooting. There will also be some steel torso and head targets which measure about 25 inches wide and 35 inches long.

There will be about 20 Zombie targets throughout the course at different shooting stations. These targets will require 1 headshot each; the head will be a 10 inch steel gong. You will know it’s a zombie target because it will have a human shape and it will be clothed.

The target distances will be Mike’s best guess. I’ve never known him to be off more than 100 yards or so. With that said, Rifle targets will range between 100 yards to 300 yards. Pistol targets will range between 5 yards to 20 yards.


At each of the shooting stations the Range Officer (RO) will explain the course of fire if the shooter needs instruction. On the RO’s command the shooter will began the course of fire. Some shooting station will have a piece of carpet cut in different shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles, etc…) All carpet on the ground will be painted the same color as the intended target. Example, a red carpet will have a red target, a green carpet will have a green target, and so on. If a shooter fires at a different color target than from the color of the carpet he is standing on, that will result in a 30 second penalty per target for each violation. Example, a shooter is standing on a green carpet and fires (hit or miss) at a blue target; that is a 30 second penalty per shot. Shooters and their equipment must be on the carpet. No part of the shooter’s body, clothing, or equipment may be resting on the ground outside of the carpet they are shooting from. If a shooter is in violation of this rule, the RO will advise the shooter of the violation and a 30 second penalty will be added to the shooter’s score.

Shooters will be allowed to run the course with a loaded and holstered handgun but all rifles must be unloaded anytime the shooter is not on a designated rifle stage. Shooters will only load their rifle after the RO gives them the command to do so and shooters must unload their rifle and show the RO an unloaded rifle before they leave the shooting station. Shooters will also show the RO an unloaded rifle when they arrive at a station.

All stages which are “Pistol Only” will have a mat on the ground and shooters will be required to leave their unloaded rifle on a mat or other designated location before beginning the shooting stage.

The Course

The course will be marked with engineer’s tape tied on PVC pipe, brush, tree branches, etc…. Shooters will have to remain near the marked course because at certain locations near a piece of engineer’s tape, there will be containers dug into the ground which will not be visible from more than a few feet away. The containers will have integrity items inside them. Each shooter will have to retrieve a total of 3 different-colored integrity items. There will be many containers on the course; most of them will be empty but at least 3 containers will have integrity items. Any shooter missing an integrity item will suffer a 15 minute penalty per missing integrity item. Also, any shooter with 2 or more of the same colored integrity items will receive a 30 minute penalty per integrity item. So only take 1 integrity item per container and stay on the marked course!

Each shooter will be required to have a stopwatch. This will be used to record your wait time in case there is a line at a shooting station. If you have to wait 10 minutes in line, you certainly don’t want that 10 minute wait added to your run score.

Shooters may bring all the gear they want. Safe and legal ammunition is allowed for use on this range. However we ask you do not use any steel core/armor piercing ammo if you have an alternative. No tracers allowed.

Natural and manmade obstacles will be placed throughout the course and just before some of the shooting stations. All shooters must successfully negotiate each obstacle. Failure to do so will result in a 30 minute penalty per obstacle.

There are no penalties for missed shots throughout the course.

Stages of the Zombie Run and Shoot

Stage 1 “The Apocalypse Begins”

Shooters will have 5 targets and each target must be hit 2 times to advance to the next target. Shooters will fire from five different shooting positions and from behind and around barricades. The targets will range from 150 yards to 250 yards. The time limit for this stage will be 3 minutes and will require 10 rifle rounds minimum.

Stage 2 “Zombex”

Shooters will follow a dried (hopefully) creek bed to a shooting station. The shooting station will have 6 Zombie targets to shoot. The shooter will have to hit each Zombie in the head 2 times to move to the next target. This will be a pistol only stage. The time limit for this stage will be 3 minutes and will require 12 pistol rounds minimum.

Stage 3 “The Wind Sucker”

The actual shooting stage is not very difficult but it’s called, “The Wind Sucker” due to the obstacles the shooter must complete right before the shooting station begins. There will be 5 man size steel silhouette targets. The shooter will have to hit each target 3 times before they can move to the next target. The time limit for this stage will be 2 minutes and a minimum of 15 pistol rounds will be needed.

Stage 4 “Finding Sofia” Walking Dead fans will know what we are talking about.

In this stage, shooters will follow a trail through a densely wooded area. Shooters will be frantically searching for a young girl named “Sofia” who is lost in a Zombie infested forest. Shooters will encounter 13 Zombies targets in this stage. All hits must be head shots! (Please do not shoot the body on Zombie targets as this will result in unnecessary wear and tear). The time limit for this stage is 4 minutes and a minimum of 13 pistol rounds will be needed for this stage.

Stage 5 “I should have gone to Appleseed”

This will be a rifle only stage. There will be 1 hanging steel target approximately 100 yards away; it must be engaged from 6 different positions. This target will be hanging inside a motor-home and placed in front of a window. The target must be hit 3 times from each position. The time limit for this stage is 3 minutes and a minimum of 18 rifle rounds will be needed.

Stage 6 “Claustrophobia”

The shooter will enter a structure resembling narrow hallways. An RO will follow the shooter and guide the shooter through the structure and to each designated shooting location. The targets will be man size steel silhouettes. There will be a total of 5 targets and each target must be hit 3 times. After successfully engaging all the steel targets the shooter will have to place 1 headshot on a 3D Zombie target to complete the stage. The time limit for this stage is 3.5 minutes and a minimum of 16 pistol rounds will be needed.

Stage 7 “Out Numbered”

This will be a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) stage. There will be 40 paper Zombie head targets. Each target only needs to be hit once. The target range will be from around a few feet away to approximately 20 feet away and everything in between. The time limit for this stage is 3.5 minutes. A minimum of 40 rifle rounds will be needed.

Stage 8 “The Speed Wall”

This stage will have 9 shooting positions and only 1 20”x20” steel target down range. The target will be about 250 yards away. From the starting position the shooter must successfully hit the target once in order to proceed to the next shooting position. At any time during this stage, if the shooter has more than 3 consecutive misses they will be disqualified and receive a score of 0 for this stage. The time limit for this stage is 3 minutes and a minimum of 9 rifle rounds will be needed.

After station 8 the shooters will return to the starting/finish line and their time will stop.

The total round count for this course is 77 rifle rounds and 56 pistol rounds. Remember, this is the minimum round count. You know your skill level better than anyone else; bring the amount of ammunition you believe you will need.

Helpful Hints

Come prepared. There will be no test firing of any weapons and please have your rifle zeroed before you arrive.

Make sure your weapons are cleaned, lubed, and ready to go.

Parts of this course will have you moving through heavy brush. You may want to consider wearing some type of lightweight long pants, gloves, a hat, etc…

Make sure you have your stopwatch, hearing protection, and eye protection. You will be shooting steel targets. Eye protection is a must.

You have the round count and the distance of the course. Bring enough ammunition and water so you won’t require assistance. Be prepared; don’t get penalized and don’t get someone else penalized. Have a safe and fun run/walk!

Download Course of Fire:

Course of Fire in PDF

Course of Fire in Word